From Accounting / Billing

Open up the invoice you want to work with by double clicking it.

Enter in all field ticket information including; travel and job hours, truck mileage, pump hours, oil, fuel and yardage/tonnage pumped or conveyed.

Click to save from the top of the screen.

Select the pricing tab.

Click on “Update Quantities” to bring hours and yardage information over from the job ticket entry.

Tab through each field to enter in pricing.

Enter all line item charges.   (For instance slurry, system fees, etc.).  By clicking the green plus sign and selecting items from your line item list.

If you need to enter taxes select taxes from the top of the invoicing screen and apply the appropriate tax amount.

If you need to enter a discount select discount from the top of the invoicing screen and enter in the discount information.

Once you have added all pricing items select “Calculate” from the top of the invoicing screen.

Review invoice for any errors.

If your invoice number is not the same as your Job ID# click on the blue arrow to get the next invoice number in the queue. 

Click in the check box to process (finalize) the invoice.

Click Save

You can now print the invoice or leave the invoicing screen if you plan on bulk printing your invoices later.