From Accounting / Billing

From the Filtering Options on the Right hand side of the screen and enter the invoice number and click on search.  In order to use this function you will need to know the exact invoice number.

If you do not know the exact invoice number (for instance, when a customer calls with only knowing the job date / site etc.).

From the main Invoice Activities Grid you can use the filter row to search the particular customer, job date, Job Name, PO#, etc.

When searching without the exact invoice number you may need to change the date range shown from the default “Last 30 Days” 

To do this you can choose the arrow down next to “Last 30 days” to choose from a predefined list or you can select “Custom” and manually enter the dates you want to search through. Once you have selected the time period to search, click on the blue “Go” button to refresh to your new settings.