From Company / Users

Right click anywhere within the left hand side grid and select “Add New User”

From the drop down list, choose the employee that you want to set up a user access account for.

Enter in a log in name and password.

Click “Force New Password” if you want the user to create their own password once they log in for the first time.

Then Select whether you want them to have ERP (Desktop) or ROTG (Rapid On The Go) access.

When you are finished, select Save.

Once the user has been added, you can now choose their access permissions if they are an ERP User.

Highlight the user in the left hand grid.

On the right hand side you will see all the options available. Simply deselect any items you do not wish the user to have access to and select save.

Read means they have the ability to see the information.

Write means they have the ability to edit the information.

Delete means they have the ability to delete items.

Central Access gives them the permission to move around the navigation screens.  (For instance Human Resources / Employee)

Excel export will give them permission to export grids in that particular section to excel.