The Billing Central contains all information related to invoicing. To access the billing central, select “Accounting” then “Billing”. On the grid you will see a list of all invoices for the set time period. You can change the date at which you would like to view invoices from the date drop down on the tool bar. You may re-arrange and customize the columns that you want to see, in the order that you want to see them. You can drag and drop columns around the billing grid in any order you would like. You can also hide or show any columns you wish by using the “Field Chooser”. Simply check or uncheck certain columns from the field chooser, to display or hide them. In the image references below, we will cover other useful features. 

  • 1) Select “Accounting”.
  • 2) Select “Billing”.

  • Invoice (Each row is a different invoice).
  • Field Chooser (Enable or disable columns)
  • Type in an invoice number to find any invoice.
  • Date picker.
  • Filter Row
  • Column (Drag and drop to desired location).
  • Check box (Use for printing multiple invoice, right click and print invoice(s)).