In the collections central you will see all open items, credit memos, invoices, and payments that have not yet been paid. You may post payments, issue credit memos, or run various reports from this location as well. If you select a customer, to the right you will see all open balance items for that customer. You may edit these items from here by double clicking to open them up. A common purpose for accessing the Collections Central will be to run statement reports. To do so, simply right click and choose select all to run a report for all customers. If you wish to run the statement for only specific customers, check the check boxes from the first column. Then, right click again and select “Statement Report”. Select the date range that you wish to view the statement for, or simply leave the options as default to run the most current statement report. Finish by selecting “View Statement”. You can also select the plus (+) symbol to the far left of the rows to expand out the associated jobsites with that customer. See below for image reference.


  • Select “Accounting”.
  • Select “Collections”.


Accessing Collections Central

  • Open balance items (for customer currently selected).
  • Contact list.
  • Jobsite branching.
  • Checkbox selection (for reports).
  • Reports.