Upon initial viewing of the receivables central, the data grid will be empty. This is because no payments have been created as of now. Once you create a payment, the payment detail will populate in the data grid and you will be able to post a payment towards an invoice. To begin, right click anywhere in the data grid and select “Add New Payment”. Select the customer you wish to post a payment for, select the method (check, cash, visa, etc.). Type in the $ amount the payment is for and the correct dates. Once this is complete, select the “Save” button on the tool bar. After saving, you can apply the payment to the correct invoices, simply click in the “Applied Amount” column row for the correct invoice shown below, then hit enter. This will apply the payment to the invoice, and the invoice will then disappear. You may view the applied payments with the “Applied Invoices/Charges/Adjustments” tab at the bottom of the screen. Finish by selecting “Save & Exit”. See next 2 pages for image references.


  • Select “Accounting”.
  • Select “Receivables”.

  • All payments.
  • Payment activity for a specific customer.

  • Select Customer.
  • Select payment method.
  • Enter $ Amount.
  • Save Information.

Add Payment

  • All open invoices for selected customer.
  • Click here to apply payment to invoice.
  • Open balance for payment. (Should be $0 after applied to invoice).
  • Shows payments that have been applied.


Apply Payment