While Rapid ERP does not provide for a way to block customers so as to prevent dispatchers from creating new jobs for them, it has 2 workarounds you can use.

Option one, you can set a credit limit for your customers (for each one of them individually), which when exceeded will pop up a warning message on screen. Here is how to do that:

1. Go to Sales > Customers and double click the desired customer to open the Add/Edit Customer window. You will see the Max Credit field in the left-hand column, go ahead and enter the desired maximum credit amount, then save and close the Add/Edit Customer window.

2. Once the credit limit for the customer has been reached, when a new job is created for it, the dispatcher will see the following alert:

Important: The Requested size field must be filled out for the Max Credit Reached alert to be displayed. If the job is created without a requested size pump, the alert will not pop up and the dispatcher will not be notified that the credit limit has been reached. However, when he adds the size before booking the job, the Max Credit Reached alert will then be displayed.

Option two, you can create a custom alert for the customer. This will pop up immediately after the customer name is selected when creating a job ticket. In case of a breach of the alert, you can follow up as the username of the person who creates the job ticket is recorded in the job ticket history.

To create the alert, hit the orange R button in the top right-hand corner, then select Action alerts from the second column of the menu.

Select the Add new alert button. You can add alerts for either Customers, Equipment, Employee or Jobsite. In this scenario, select Customer for the type of alert, then select the customer you would like to create the alert for from the drop-down list, and fill out the Alert Message as per your requirements. Hit save and close to add the alert message to the system.

When the customer's name is then selected for a new job, the alert message pops up immediately:

If at any point the alert becomes obsolete, you can either mark it inactive (so as to be able to reactive it in future if needed) or remove it - again from the same menu (orange R button in the top right-hand corner, then select Action alerts from the second column of the menu).