If you are regularly sending group text messages, there is a feature in Rapid Apps ERP that will allow you to save a group of recipients and use it to quickly send the same text to all of them. An example of that would be to convene a company-wide meeting, or send an update to all operators, etc.

Here are the steps you need to follow to create a group:

1. Head to Company >  Message log, then hit the Send new dropdown button and select SMS message 

The Create Text Message screen will pop up on your screen. In it, click on the Add Recipient button:

In the Contact Information Selector box, you will see tabs for Employees, Customers and Vendors. You can create a list of any one of these categories, or a mixture of them (e.g. a couple of employees working on a site and the customer contact for the site). In this example, let's create a list of employees.

First, select the name of the employee of the list of employees. Then grab the person's mobile number (make sure it is a mobile number - texting lists will only work with mobile numbers) and drag it onto the + sign at the bottom half of the screen and drop it there. 

This will prompt you to create a new list. Give the list a name and save it. You can drag and drop other mobile phone numbers to it in order to add to the list, or if you want to edit the list, either right click on the list and select Edit List Contacts, or go to the Lists tab at the top half of the screen. In the same way you can also remove a list if no longer needed.

Once you have the list created with the required recipients, double click on it to have its members added to the Recipient List, or right click on it and select Choose List to Send Message.