As Rapid ERP is being paid for on per user license basis, owners, managers and administrators would need to be able to view how many licenses they are paying for, who they are assigned to, and remove or add users as needed.

The place to access this information is in Company > Account. This space provides access to a number of other feature, but the one we are focusing in this article, is License Assignments from the menu on the left.

The screen shows the Product (ERP License for Rapid ERP), the user it is assigned to, the full name of the user it is assigned to and who assigned it.

If you right click on any of the lines in the License Assignment, you get the option of Removing the license from the person (so that it is available to be assigned to another user), or simply adding a new user (if you have unassigned licenses).

Deleting the selected license is straight forward.

Adding a license is a bit more involved. You need to select the product you will be adding a license for (Rapid ERP, in this case) - this will give you a list of users that you can assign to. Mark the one you want to assign to, then hit Save and close.