There are two options in Rapid ERP with regards to applying a surcharge to invoices, depending on whether you would like to charge a percentage, or a fixed dollar amount.

Percentage Surcharge

Percentage surcharge comes as a component of pricing schemes.

For each and every pricing scheme you can set up a surcharge, as well as change its description on the invoice (in the example above, the surcharge will appear on the invoice as Fuel Surcharge).

If you have multiple pricing schemes and would like to apply a uniform rate across all of them, and then be able to change the percentage on all of them at the same time, you would need to first set up the surcharge percentage and then check the Allow Master Update box and save the pricing scheme. Then you would be able to change the surcharge value for all pricing schemes with Allow Master Update selected from Company > My Company > Advanced Defaults:

Fixed Dollar Amount

To apply a fixed dollar amount surcharge you need to create an Invoice Line Item. To do that, click the orange R button in the top left-hand corner of Rapid ERP, then select Accounting Objects from the menu, and finally, Invoice Line Items.

Set up the options for the line item as per your requirements:

- Taxable - ticking this box will charge tax on the surcharge.

- Apply to all invoices - if you check this box, the line item will be applied to all invoices. You can still remove it from a particular invoice, if not required on it.

- Add to Invoice Minimum - checking this box will add the surcharge on top of a minimum invoice amount (if set).