When opening Crew Central in Human Resources one or more jobs may not have a time value set in any one of the following GPS times: GPS Left Yard, GPS on Job, GPS Left Job and GPS Returned.


GPS job status times are automatically set by the Geofencing service. The Geofencing service tracks the movement of an equipment unit and its proximity to or away from a job site or its yard. It automatically determines when to change the job status based on pre-defined rules in its configuration settings. The time when the job status is changed by Geofencing is referred to as GPS job status time. Here are all possible scenarios of status changes triggered by Geofencing:

Job StatusDescriptionGPS Time
In RouteWhen the equipment unit has left the yard or a previous job site and is heading to a new job site.GPS Left Yard
On JobWhen the equipment unit has stopped for a defined period of time within a nearby proximity of the job site.GPS On Job
ReturningWhen the equipment unit has started moving away from the job site it was previously on and heading to a new job site or back to its yard.
GPS Left Job
Back At BaseWhen the equipment unit has stopped for a defined period of time within a nearby proximity of either its yard or another job site.
GPS Returned

For example, If the job status is manually changed to "On Job" by either an Operator or Dispatch prior to the time when Geofencing marks it in the system, the service stops the tracking of this status and DOES NOT enter time in the "GPS on Job" field. Consequently, it starts tracking the equipment unit based on the next chronological job status.

To check when and how the status is changed:

  1. Double-click on the job in the Job ID column (in the Crew Center report).
  2. In the Add/Edit Job Information window click on the Changes History button.
  3. In the Job History window observe all the changes made by the system, the Operator or the Dispatcher.

As you can see in this example Geofencing has changed the status at 4:45 AM (pos.1). At 5:30 AM the Operator has manually changed the job status to "On Job" (pos.2) and the system has recorded the time of change to be at 5:32 AM.

Because of the manual status change by the operator, Geofencing will now assume that the equipment unit is now situated at the job site and immediately stop tracking its movement towards it. Therefore, it will not be able to record a GPS time for the exact moment when it had arrived at the job site.


Add the "Update Method" column if it is not enabled from the Field Chooser.

Enable/disable Geofencing

  1. Go to Company -> My Company.
  2. In the Geofencing panel check/uncheck the settings in the Update Job Ticket Times area.