"On Call" Operators


A user with the appropriate rights can set different "Out of Office" reasons for Operators. There are two pre-defined ones - "On Call" and "Vacation". The user can also define custom ones, which will be displayed in the list of out-of-office reasons.


Similar functionality is already available for the equipment, and it is called "Take Equipment Out of Service".

If an Operator has the "Out of Office" status their tile is colored in one of these two colors based on the selected reason - Yellow when the Operator is out of the office, but he/she is available (for example "On Call""Late""In Traffic", etc.) and Red when the Operator is unavailable and cannot be called. The "On Call" reason is specifically defined for Operators who are not on a regular contract but are available if the Dispatcher needs additional workforce.

Key Benefits

  • The Dispatcher can create different reasons for "Out of Office" status.
  • In the Summary View the Dispatcher can see how many Operators are available for a given day.
  • The Dispatcher can set/remove Out of Offices status of an Operator for a specific time period.


Mark Operators "Out of Office" with an option to be on call

  1. Right-click on an Operator’s tile in the Jobs -> Dispatch window.
  2. Navigate to the "Mark Out of Office" option and select a reason - the "Add/Edit Employee Out of Office Dates" window is displayed.
  3. Select a reason from the Reason drop-down list, fill in Out Date and Back In Date.
  4. Check/Uncheck "Unavailable" option, which will be the default setting.
  5. Add comments if needed.
  6. Click Save.

  7. The Operator is colored in the appropriate color in the Job -> Dispatch panel.

Create and manage reasons for "Out of Office"

Dispatchers can create custom reasons for the "Out of Office" status.

  1. Go to Human Resources -> Employee panel.
  2. Click on the Tools button and select Out Of Office Reason List.

  3. In the displayed window you can Add New, Edit or Delete reasons for "Out of office".

  4. Double-click on a reason to edit it or select it and click the Edit button.

  5. Check/Uncheck "Unavailable" and the "Inactive" options. This will be the default setting, you can change it specifically for an Operator.


    The "Inactive" option enables/disables the visibility of the reason in the drop-down menu.
    If you change the "Unavailable" option and click Save, the System will ask you if you want to change it for all the employees with this "Out of Office" reason.

  6. Click Save.

Monthly Summary View

Dispatchers can see Available, Unavailable and On Call Operators for a chosen month.

This can be seen in Jobs -> Summary View.

Select Month from the View By drop-down menu.


The functionality comes with the latest version of the Rapid ERP application. No need for additional configuration.