On The GO! Job Ticket and Time Sheet Advanced Configuration


Dispatchers can enable/disable the information fields, which the Operators can see in Rapid On The GO! application and more precisely in the Ticket and the Time Sheet tabs of a job.

The visibility changes are made in Rapid ERP and in addition, the dispatchers can change the names and re-order the fields.


Job Ticket fields availability

  1. Go to Company -> My Company.
  2. Open the On The GO! Settings, scroll down to find the Job Ticket Settings and click on Advanced.

  3. In the Job Ticket Advanced Configuration window, you can change several things.

    • Re-order the fields by clicking on the up/down arrows in front of the fields.
    • Change the names of the fields - just click once on the field name and type.
    • Set the field as required or not.
    • Enable/Disable the field.
    • Show/Hide the field.


A disabled field will not be used/updated by the application in contrast to a hidden field, which is just not visible, but it is still used in the application.

Time Sheet fields availability

You can also change the fields availability of the Time Sheet tab in the mobile application.

  1. Go to Company -> My Company.
  2. Open the On The GO! Settings, scroll down to find the Other Settings and click on Advanced.

  3. The same changes can be made as in the Job Ticket settings.


If the changes do not appear immediately in the mobile application, they will within a few minutes. The Operator can update the mobile view manually by sliding down his/her finger on the Profile screen in the application.