User Access Templates


Access Preferences from one user can be copied to another user as a Template. This template can be named based on a role and then used for other users.

Key Benefits

  • The Dispatcher can create many Access Permissions templates based on roles and assign them quickly to new or existing users.


Create a User Access Template

There are no default templates created, therefore the Dispatcher has to create them first.

  1. Go to Company -> Users.
  2. Select a user, who has Access Permissions similar to ones you want to set in the Template.
  3. Right-click somewhere on the Access Permissions panel (not on the user in the Users Oveview list) and select Save As Template.
  4. In the Access Template window type a name for a new template or select one from the drop-down menu to edit it.
  5. Select/deselect permissions.


    Use some of the build-in functionalities for faster selection/deselections by right-clicking on the permissions.

  6. Click Save.

Assign a template to a user

  1. Select a user.
  2. Right-click somewhere on his/her Access Permissions panel and from the Assign Access select a template from the created ones.


    Changes in the template will NOT take effect on users, who has already used the template for their permissions.


The functionality comes with the latest version of the Rapid ERP application. No need for additional configuration.