User Changes History


The changes of the User Profile and the user’s Access Permissions can be tracked. The company administrator or anyone with specific permissions can enable this functionality from Company panel / My Company / General Defaults. The checkbox is called - “Track User Changes History”, which by default is OFF.

Key Benefits

Any changes made by the authorized users can be tracked and managed.


  1. Go to Company tab - My Company

  2. Click on General Defaults panel and check “Track User Changes History” option

  3. Click Save

Now every change, which made in User profile (Force New Password, Suspended, etc.) and Access Permissions will be tracked and displayed in the User Changes History and Access Permission History.

Clear User Changes History

To erase all past User Changes history, return to Company/My Company/General Defaults panel and uncheck the “Track User Changes History” option.

The application will ask you to confirm the erase operation.


The functionality comes with the newest version (2.2210) of the Rapid ERP application. No need for additional configuration.