The user can copy a payroll task and assign it to another employee or employees in one go.

This new functionality eliminates the need of repeating the whole assign procedure for every employee one by one.


  • Assign a payroll task to one or more employees at once.


  1. Go to Human Resources -> Payroll.
  2. Select a pay period from Pay Periods grid.
  3. From Task Summary By Employee panel select an employee, who has the desired payroll task assigned.
  4. From Employee Detail View panel right-click on the task and select Copy Task to Other Employee(s).


    If the option is greyed-out, it means the task is automatically generated and it cannot be copied.
    Only manually created payroll tasks will have this option available.

  5. In Copy Task to Employees window put a check mark in front of employee or employees for whom you want to copy the payroll task.

  6. Click Save.

Depending on the status of the Overlapping Tasks setting (allowed/not allowed) there are two possible confirmation windows, which will be displayed. This setting is located in Company-> My Company -> Payroll tab.

  • The setting is checked(overlapping allowed):
    1. The system will ask you to confirm the copy procedure.

    2. After clicking the Yes button, the tasks will be assigned to the employee(s).

  • The setting is unchecked(overlapping not allowed):
    1. If there are no overlapping payroll tasks the system will assign the task to the employee(s). If there are overlapping payroll tasks (more specifically the time periods in them) the following message will appear.

    2. After clicking the Yes button, the tasks will be assigned only to the employees, who do not have payroll tasks overlapping with the selected one.