There are two main ways in which you are can assign operators and equipment to a job. The first way is to open the job you wish to assign the resources to.

Assign Resources from Job Screen (First Method)

  1. Double click on a job from the grid from the “Dispatch Central”.
  2. Click in the grey highlighted row in the “Crew” box located at the bottom right.
  3. Select the operator you wish to assign.
  4. To assign equipment, simply choose the unit from the “Unit ID” field.


Drag and Drop Resources (Second Method)

The second method of assigning resources to a job would be from the “Dispatch Central”. 

  1. On the left and right are panels, the left panel is called the “Employee Panel”, which contains all of your operators. On the right side is your “Fleet Panel” which contains all of your equipment.
  2. To assign from these panels, simply drag and drop these iconsonto the job row. This will automatically assign the job/equipment that you have dropped onto the job.