There are two methods how you can cancel a job 

Cancel a Job from Dispatch Central grid

  1. Right-click on the job row from Dispatch Central.
  2. Select the last option Cancel Selected Job.

  3. In the Job Cancellation Confirmation window select the reason for the cancellation.

  4. If the cancellation reason is not in the default list, you can add a new one. Click on the and  to open the Add/Edit Job Cancellation Reason window.

    Type the new reason and click Save. Then select the new reason from the list.
  5. Click Save.

Cancel a Job from Add/Edit Job Information

  1. Open the job (double-click on it from the Dispatch Central grid) 
  2. Change the job status to “Cancelled” from the Job Status drop-down list.

Reschedule a cancelled job 

  1. Select the “Cancelled Jobs” tab towards the bottom of the Dispatch Central, located just above the “Daily Notes”
  2. Find the cancelled job and right click, select Reschedule Job
  3. Choose the date you wish to reschedule the job to.
  4. Click Save.