Several improvements are made for Permit/License assignment procedure.

  • Jobs, which have Safety Required checked have a  icon in a new column called "Safety" in the jobs grid.
  • In the Add/Edit Employee window there is a new tab called "Permit Assignments", which contains all permits/licenses assigned to this operator. Similar tab is also available for every equipment unit.
  • A new operators filter is available in the Dispatch Jobs window. It is called "Permit/License" and it used to filter operators with specific licenses.
  • When assigning operators to a job, the dispatcher can filter only operators with the required permit/licenses.



  • Jobs with safety requirements are easier to spot in the jobs grid.
  • The dispatcher can quickly spot which crew member or which equipment has the specific permit/license. 


Safety required checkmark and "casket" icon.

  1. Open a job or add a new one.
  2. Go to Jobsite Information tab and assign a permit/license.
  3. The assignment procedure is explained in Customer / Job Site Permit Assignments.
  4. The Safety Required is automatically checked.
  5. The user can remove this checkmark.
  6. Save the job and Close the window.

A casket icon is shown in the Safety column in the job grid.

If the user hover the mouse cursor on this casket icon a bubble will appear, which shows which permit/licenses are required for this job. When the "Powerline" check mark is also ticked for the job, it will also be included in the information shown in this bubble.

The same icon and the bubble information is shown in the Jobsite field in the Job Information window.

Permit/License tab for Operators and Equipment units

In the jobs grid hover the mouse cursor on an operator icon. A bubble will appear, which shows which permit/licenses this operator has, excluding the expired ones.

  1. Double-click on an operator.
  2. In the Add/Edit Employee window, there is a tab called "Permit Assignments", which shows every permit/license this operator has (even the expired ones).
  3. Assign/Remove/Edit the permits/licenses the same way as in Assets->Permit/Lic module.
  4. The same tab is available for every equipment unit.

Permit/License filter

In the Dispatch ->Job grid there is a panel called "Operator Filtering Options", which includes a new filter field "Permit/License". From its drop-down list (loaded from Assets -> Permit & Licenses) the user can filter the operators by a specific permit (for example "OSHA 10").

If you open Tools -> Attach/Detach Fleet & Crew the selected filter is also applied to the view.

Show Qualified Employees only 

  1. Open or edit a job from the Dispatch Grid.
  2. Navigate to Crew area (in the lower left part of the window).
  3. Click on an empty row to assign an operator to the job.
  4. In the Type field now you have an additional option called "Qualified Employees".

If you click on it, only employees with the required (by the jobsite) permits/licenses will be shown.

If you don't use this specific filter the qualified employees can be distinguished in the list from the other by the   icon after their names.

Operators, who are already assigned are also in the filtered list with their names in bold text.


It is not mandatory to select only employees with required permits/licenses for a job. Sometimes, only one employee is enough.