The field called "Disposal" in the Job and Jobsite Information tab is used to set the location of the Disposal site. This is the the place where the hyrdrovac trucks have to go to release the slurry gathered from the jobsite.


  1. Open an existing task or add a new one.
  2. Select a customer.
  3. Go to Jobsite Information tab.
  4. Navigate to the "Disposal" field and click the plus sign to add a new address.

  5. In the Add/Edit Vendor window choose Disposal for Type and type-in a name for the site.
  6. Click Save and the address and the other fields will become editable.

  7. Click on the Address field and add a new address.
    When you start writing an address suggestions will appear. 
  8. Choose one and its Latitude and Longitude, together with its State and Country will be filled-in automatically.

  9. Save and Close the window.
    Make sure the Disposal site is selected.
  10. Add a jobsite address.
  11. If you go to the Jobsite Map tab you will see both Jobsite and Disposal site locations.

  12. There are two ways you can change the their locations on the map view.
    1. Drag and drop the jobsite/disposal pin to the desired location and click Save.
    2. The other way is to use the red cross in the middle of the map view.
      Navigate it to desired location and right-click.
      Select on of the options. Then click Save.