If the uploaded files in the Gallery have metadata, it is shown in the Miscellaneous. This metadata helps the operator to find the jobsite, for example, or some specific information about the location.

To view the data double-click on the file information, not on its thumbnail.


Every modern smartphone or a camera saves this metadata automatically when an image is captured.

In addition to the metadata functionality the user can set permissions to the uploaded files in the gallery. By changing the permissions you can set who can Read/Edit or Delete the uploaded document. For example, you can hide the invoice document from the operators.


Upload an image from the ROTG application (from the mobile device)

  1. Open the ROTG application.
  2. Open the job, you wish to upload an image.
  3. Tap on the button called Capture located in the upper-right corner.

  4. Take the photo.
  5. Tap OK.
  6. If you have already taken the photo, tap on the Gallery button and select Attach. Then select an image from your device gallery.
  7. The photo will be uploaded with all its metadata, which can be seen from Rapid ERP.

Upload an image from PC

To upload an image you can drag and drop it to the Gallery tab or by clicking the Upload button and browsing to the image. 

No matter which method you will use the Upload New File window opens.

In this window you can enter File Title and File Description, but if you leave them blank, they will be loaded from the metadata of the image.


If the file doesn't have metadata Miscellaneous is not visible.

User Access

In this field you can manage the user permissions. The permissions are based on the user types and roles - vendor, customer, employee (dispatcher, operator, manager, etc.).

Click Save to keep the changes.