Users can see which jobs are ticketed and which are not. 

There is column called "Ticketed" which shows exactly this.

Then the user can send a reminder to the operators to transmit their tickets.


Enable column

To enable this column click on the Field Chooser button located in the top left corner of the grid and check "Ticketed".

If the column is already enabled you can drag and drop it to more front location.

There are two ways to get a job status "Ticketed" - from the ROTG mobile application by the Operator OR from Rapid ERP by the Dispatcher.

Transmit a ticket from ROTG mobile application

When a job is Done the Operator has to enter all necessary information for the job in the Ticket tab and if it is correct the Post-Job Signature field becomes available. After the Operator sign the ticket from it the Transmit Ticket button becomes green and the Operator has to tap on it to confirm the transmit action. This will set the job to "Ticketed".

A "Ticketee is ready to be invoiced to the customer.

From Rapid ERP

  1. Open the job.
  2. Go to Invoice Information tab.
  3. Put a check mark on Accept (make sure all entries are correct).

  4. Click Save.