New period is created only the first time you start to use the Payroll module. After that, every time you close a period Rapid ERP will automatically create a new period with the same time interval as the last one. You can change it later.

  1. Go to Human Resources -> Payroll.
    Rapid ERP shows all closed payrolls and the last opened one for the selected period. By default, it is set to “Last 30 days” and if the last opened payroll has started before that, it may not be visible.
    Change the time period if you like from the Range drop-down list.

  2. Click on Pay Period and select Add New Pay Period.
    The Add/Edit Pay Period window is displayed.

From now on the settings are the same as editing an automatically created payroll period. Therefore, we have combined the descriptions in one chapter called Edit Payroll Period. The only difference is that you have to double-click on a payroll period to open the Add/Edit Pay Period window.