1. Set a start and end date of the payroll period.
  2. The interval, which you set here (week, month or other), will be set automatically for the next period, after you closed this one. You can change it in the new period if you want a different time interval.
  3. Leave the Status to “Open”.
  4. Do not set the Status to “Closed” if you have not approved all payroll times. How to approve, solve discrepancies or ignore them is explained here.


    If you close a payroll period, you cannot open it again for changes. In this case call Rapid ERP support.

  5. Approved – put this check mark only when you have checked all the payroll times and you are okay to approve them.
  6. Updated by – this is the last user, who has made some changes in the selected payroll period.
  7. Locked – if you put this check mark you will disable the Generate Payroll functionality. What this functionality is used for is explained here.
  8. Click Save and close the window.