Send SMS/Text Job information to operators for more than one job simultaneously.


  1. Open Jobs -> Dispatch.
  2. Mark two or more jobs as selected.
  3. Right-click on one of them and select Crew -> Send SMS/Text ->Jobticket Information.

  4. In the Send Jobticket Information to Crew window you see every job and all the operators to which the Jobticket Information will be send. You can remove any operators you don't want to send a message to by clicking on the in front of the corresponding row.

  5. You can also change the recipient information by selecting the desired row and then click Edit Recipient button.
  6. The generated notification text based on the selected jobs, is shown on the right.
  7. You can edit the text in the message area. The default fields and their arrangement is set from the message text template. See below for instructions on how to edit the message template.
  8. Press the Send button.

Check the message history from Company -> Message Log.

Manage the information you wish to send through the job ticket text

There are two types of text message templates. The standard one with all the fields arranged in a vertical order(by your choice) and a customized one, in which you can add whatever fields and text you want.

Standard message template

  1. Click Tools from the Dispatch Central.
  2. Select Manage Text Job Ticket Template.
  3. From this screen you will see information that will be included in the text on the left, and available information you may add on the right. You may remove information from the left with the   icon, or add information with the icon. You may also re-arrange the order of the text information with arrows.

  4. Re-arrange the information in the order you wish.
  5. Finish by pressing the Save button.

Customized message template

  1. Go to Company -> My Company.
  2. Select Messages & Disclaimers.
  3. Click the icon and then the sign in front the "Crew Job Information Message" placeholders.

  4. In the Add/Edit Company Message/Disclaimer window type a name for the template and write custom text in the Message / Disclaimer area. Use [%...%] syntax to add placeholders which will be automatically filled based on the selected job.
  5. For example [%Job ID%], [%Job Location%], etc. The names of the placeholders are shown in the Field column of the standard template.

    Example Message template

  6. Click Save and the template is now your default one.
    The message now will look like this: