Users can receive a warning message if there is a double-booking of an equipment unit.

Double-booking means that the working hours of the equipment unit for a job are overlapping with the working hours of the same equipment for another job.


Enable the message

There are three options for this setting and you can decide, which will be the default one.

  1. Go to Job ->Dispatch and navigate to the Fleet section on the right.
  2. Double-click on an equipment unit to edit it.
  3. There is a field called Allow Double Booking with three options - No, Prompt and Yes:

  • No - double-booking is not allowed and a warning message appears. Click OK to get back to the editing of the working hours of the job. 
  • Prompt - double-booking is allowed and a warning message informs you about it. You can click Yes to confirm the double-booking or No to get back to the editing of the working hours of the job.
  • Yes - double-booking is allowed and no warning message is shown.


By default, the option is set to Yes, therefore double-booking is allowed.

Warning messages

The warning messages for No and Prompt are the following :

  • No option

  • Prompt option

These warning messages appear in three cases:

  • If you are editing a job and you enter working hours which overlap with working hours for another job (same equipment unit for both jobs). After you click the Save button the warning message will appear.
  • If you drag and drop an equipment unit to a job in the Jobs grid and the job has overlapping working hours with another one, which has the same equipment already assigned.
  • In Jobs -> Timeline View if you try to drag one job to overlap with another for one equipment unit.

No matter which option is selected, if you open a job and there is a double-booking a warning sign will be visible next to the Unit ID field.


Solve the discrepancy by changing job times, estimated hours, Clear/Estimated time or equipment unit on the job.