You can add custom pre-job and post-job disclaimers in the filled job ticket printout. Disclaimers are often used to explain different procedures, responsibilities, duties, etc. which are important for the job.


The pre-job and post-job disclaimers are shown on two separate pages in the filled job ticket printout.

Create a custom disclaimer

  1. In Rapid ERP go to Company->My Company and click on Messages & Disclaimers.

  2. Click the  icon followed by the  icon in "Pre-Job Disclaimer" or "Post-Job Disclaimer"  placeholders.
  3. In the Add/Edit Company Message/Disclaimer window enter a name of the message and the desired text.

  4. Click the Save button and the message will be created and automatically selected.
  5. Create or select a message for the other disclaimer.
  6. Click Save button again in the Add/Edit Company Information to save the messages selection.


    You can use one message for both disclaimers. Just select "Use Post-Job Ticket Disclaimer" from the drop-down list if you are setting the pre-job disclaimer or select "Use Pre-Job Ticket Disclaimer" for the post-job one.

    Print Filled Job ticket with Both Disclaimers

    1. In Rapid ERP go to Jobs->Dispatch and double-click on a job.
    2. Click on Print Filled Job Ticket.

    3. Rapid ERP generates a filled job ticket printout, and its last pages are pre-job and post-job disclaimers.

    Pre-Job Disclaimer

    Post-Job Disclaimer