Two new action/check types are added in the Operator's Checklist - Free Text and Signature. Although, the action types are self-explanatory, the Free Text action type allows the the operator to write whatever text he/she wants.

The Signature action requires the operator to sign in the RapidOnTheGO!.
Operator checklist contains actions, which the operator has to check/perform prior or after the job they are assigned to.


Create Free Text or Signature action/check

  1. In RapidERP click on the R icon in the top-left corner and choose Operator Checklist.

  2. In Operator Checklist: Checklist Actions window there are two tabs - Checklist Actions and Checklist Management.
    In the first one you see the available actions and you can add new ones or edit the existing. In the second tab you can create checklists and assign different actions to each of them. 
  3. Click the New button to add a new action type.
  4. From the drop-down list select Free Text.
  5. Type name in the Action Label field - for example: "Terrain Type".
    In the Action Description type explanation of this action - for example: "Explain the type of the terrain, and the logistics issues which can occur on the jobsite."
    Check the Required Action option if you want this action to be with a mandatory status for the operator.

  6. Click Save and the new action is added.

The steps to create a Signature action/check are the same. The only difference is that you have to select Signature from the drop-down list.

Add action to a checklist or create a new one

  1. In Operator Checklist: Checklist Action window click on the second tab - Checklist Management.
  2. From the Checklist drop-down list select a checklist to which you want to assign the new actions.
  3. You can also create a new checklist by clicking the  icon followed by the  icon in "Checklistplaceholder.
  4. To add actions to the chosen checklist select an action from the right column - Global Checklist Actions and click the < button.

  5. You can re-arrange the actions by dragging and dropping them.

  6. Click Save and close the window.


You can assign different checklists for job, jobsite and customer.

Operator Checklist in RapidOnTheGO!

  1. Open RapidOnTheGO! and tap on the job with the assigned checklist.
  2. Go to the Ticket tab and tap on Job Checklist.

  3. The checklist which is assigned to the job is displayed.

  4. The "Terrain Type" action is a Free Text type. It has a triangle in front of the placeholder. If you drag it you can see the additional information, which we have added in the Action Description field while creating the action.
  5. The "Operator Signature" is a Signature type.
    If the action has a red vertical line in the end of the row it means it is required to complete the checklist.

  6. After all required checks/actions are made tap on Complete Checklist.