You can add jobs and jobsites directly from Rapid On The GO! mobile application.


Permit the user to add a job/jobsite

To be able to add jobs from the mobile application the operator must have Write permission, which is enabled from Rapid ERP.

The permission is  located in Company  -> Users. Select the user and check the Write permission in the Jobs row.

Add a job and jobsite from Rapid On The GO!

  1. In Rapid On The GO! tap on Jobs.
  2. Press the plus sign.
  3. The Add New Job screen is opened.
  4. Fill-in all the necessary information like date, customer, time, operator, etc.

  5. When you fill-in the jobsite, you can add a new one or select an existing from the list loaded based on the selected customer.
  6. To add a new jobsite, while in the jobsite selection click on the plus sign in the lower right corner.

  7. Fill-in at least the mandatory fields.

  8. Tap the green button Continue and check if the information you have entered is correct and then press Transmit Now to save the jobsite location.

  9. After you finish entering the necessary job information press Continue to see the summary of the entered information and then press Transmit Now to confirm the creation of the job.
    If you have selected yourself as an operator for this job, it is now visible in your Jobs list.


If you have created a new jobsite from Rapid On The GO!, its location is not verified. You can see the jobsite verification status when you tap on a job. If the pinpoint marker has a question mark it means it is not verified. Just click on it and follow the verification process.