The equipment utilization report illustrates the utilization of each equipment unit based on the hours worked per week throughout the month. The user can specify the type of hours to use for the report, the workdays for the equipment, and the maximum hours per day.


The equipment utilization report offers a clear insight into the extent of utilization for each unit, aiding in the user's organization of equipment usage, maintenance, and related activities.


  1. Navigate to Reports -> Report Central.
  2. For "Category" select Equipment.
  3. For "Report" select Utilization By Month.
  4. For "Type" select Summary and choose the range of months to be displayed. 
  5. Select Type Of Hours To Use from the dropdown menu based on the invoices or job tickets, including or excluding travel. 
  6. Select Work Days To Include from the dropdown menu.
  7. Enter Max Equipment Hours/Day.

The utilization percentage is based on the total hours for the week, which is calculated by the Work Days x Max Equipment Hours/Day.  In the example from the screenshot below, the total weekly hours are 25 (5 work days x 5 hours max per day). If the unit has 100% utilization rate, it means that it has averaged 25 hours per week. If the utilization percentage is lower, that means that the equipment did not meet the 25 hours per week. If the percentage is higher- the equipment utilization was above the 25 hours per week.